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Welcome to the new SAID website!

We're in the process of transitioning members to this new website. 

Explore, connect and learn with the resources below!


Check out exclusive members-only resources. Find our modules, literature reviews and resources from past meetings.


At SAID, we grow from each other. Explore the member forum, share information and ask questions.



Meet us! 

Our 2023 58th Annual Session is set to take place in

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

October 18th-20th!

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SAID Member List

We're in the process of moving our members over to this new website. 

As we transition, more and more member profiles will be available below. 

If the member you're looking for isn't listed, we've included a member list from the previous site. 

The list is outdated, so some of the information may not be correct anymore.

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