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At SAID, we learn from each other. Tap into our many resources from dental professionals around the country. Use our Advocacy Toolkit, Professional Modules and many more resources. 

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Advocacy Toolkit

The population we serve is a vulnerable one; often unable to advocate for themselves. This is why advocacy is the third leg of the triangle that is our mission statement. We at SAID hope to make advocacy less daunting for our members. 


SAID is dedicated to educate other professionals to treat patients with special healthcare needs. Many professionals would be willing to treat these patients but do not believe they have the requisite skills. These educational modules aim to address this educational need.

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Literature Review

Each year, SAID searches and reviews published literature from the previous year that references dental patients with special needs. The Literature Review provides us with a summary of the relevant articles, keeping us informed on developments within the field of special needs dentistry.


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